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About Me

My Goal

My passion is helping organizations build capacity by tapping into employees desire to do meaningful work.  My passion and strategy is built upon Edwards Deming's approach for individual and organisational transformation.  It is a truism that no organization has ever improved the customer experience while simultaneously ignoring the employee experience.  I approach capacity development as an organizational learning challenge and organizational learning happens best when the focus is on improving organizational systems and culture. 

"Over a lifetime, our work and educational environments squeeze out our innate intrinsic motivation, self-esteem, dignity. They are systems that build in fear, self-defense, extrinsic motivation. We tend to destroy people, from toddlers on through the university, and on the job.  To be competitive, we must preserve the power of intrinsic motivation, dignity, cooperation, curiosity and joy in learning that all people are born with" 

W. Edwards Deming  

My approach

I approach each project as a collaborative exercise with a client.  The first step is identifying current systems and their impact on organizational performance.  

This information is used to create a road map for getting from here to there.  The destination is a more competitive organization built through real engagement of employees and customers.  

My Background

cxDialogue.com is my consulting banner.  My professional career span’s private, public and non-profit sectors managing capacity development and organisational improvement projects.  

My experience includes projects in the private and public sectors. Including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pulp and Paper, Retail, Silviculture,  Education, Media and Service sectors.    

Current Status


I am semi-retired and working part-time for Jazz Aviation Ltd. I am available to assist organizations that wish to apply Deming's philosophy and management approach. 


University of British Columbia, B.A. Honours (Sociology).  Masters of Conflict Analysis and Management program at Royal Roads University.  Visit ResearchGate to view publications and research interests.


I am the volunteer Executive Director for the Canadian Pituitary Patient Network and sit on Board of Directors for the Alberta Pituitary Patient Society.