Academic Research

 What role does competition play in the development of healthy individuals and organizations? The meaning of the word competition is socially constructed and contested; moreover, its meaning holds significant social and moral consequences. How competitiveness is best realized is far from unanimous and people’s beliefs about competition has significant consequences on the patterns of social relations we see in society. Durkheim described belief systems as a collective consciousness and, like the individual’s consciousness, is associated with deeply rooted cultural values. My research focus is on how beliefs about competition are linked to deeply held values of individualism and collectivism that become the formal organising principles of self and society. 

Qualitative Analysis

Content analysis of unstructured text is a powerful tool for understanding employee, customer and public experience.  I bring a unique blend of qualitative and quantitative research skills and knowledge to these types of projects.  For the Let's Talk Family project  I used a  text analytics tool called Semantria for analysis of thousands of open ended survey questions.   The result? Coding and analysis that would have taken months was done in two weeks; moreover, there was improved  quality of the analysis (reliability of coding) .  

Representative Surveys

How valid and reliable is my survey? This is a question clients will sometimes ask.  I have developed a knack for explaining esoteric academic methods and terminology to non-academic audiences.  

This video was prepared for the Executive Director of BC Council for Families (BCCF) who wanted to explain validity and repetitiveness of their survey results to a non-technical audiance.  

Customer Journey

This video presentation was prepared for a client wanting to improve employee recruitment, performance and retention.

Other Projects

Employee and Employer Experience

This was a multi-year project completed on behalf of the BC Silviculture Industry.  The BC Silviculture Workforce Initiative project surveyed employers and employees with the goal of producing reports that characterize silviculture workforce, outline employer concerns and frame future challenges including retention, recruitment and shrinking demand for planting.

Polling & Communications

My early career included research as a political pollster.  In Mel Rothenburger 's online blog "The Arm Chair Mayor" he describes working with me on his successful campaign.  During this part of my career I undertook several successful strategic communications and public relations research projects.

The Patient's Experience

I have conducted numerous focus groups and surveys with patients about their service experience and health outcomes.  In the burden of obstructive lung disease (bold) study I supported the lead researcher with sample design and study recruitment services.   My contribution resulted in publication recognition.